Why to use the Kit?

  • Optimised for search (SEO)

    Your users need to find your site. So we structure your content and inject it extra with metadata so search engines understand your content and can even deep link to specific sections. You control how search results on Google appear, what titles, texts and even preview images are displayed.

  • Know your users

    We automatically track how users find and use your site. There is built-in support for Google Analytics and HotJar. So you know what works and what can be improved. To learn even more about your users they can chat or email you directly from the chat widget.

  • Plug-and-Play Pages

    We help you get started with the first set of pages. After that you can add as many as you like. You compose your pages with modular content (rich text, images, video and more) so you can tell the story you want to tell. The layouts and components are made to adapt to your content.

  • In your language

    You can start your website with content in a single language. When you’re ready you can extend your pages with additional languages. Users will be able to easily switch between languages. All meta data is automatically set so search engines understand which language your content is in and in what are languages pages are available.

  • Fast for everyone

    Performance matters. Fast websites rank higher in search results. Users stick around longer. Your conversion increases. Therefore the Lean Web Kit uses a lightweight setup and advanced loading strategies so your content loads as fast as possible. Your pages are converted into static files which are hosted over a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so your content is fast for everyone, all around the world.

  • Always secure

    Your website will always be served over a secure connection (HTTPS) and browsers will be forced to upgrade all HTTP connections to HTTPS. All the pages of your websites will be converted into static files before they are deployed. Your CMS is detached from your website and a new version of your website is deployed whenever your publish changes. This means no-one can hack into your deployed site as with static files, there is simply nothing to hack.

  • Mobile first

    More than half of your users will access your website from a mobile device. Your website will be responsive, meaning it will adapt fluidly from the smallest screens to the biggest. Buttons, forms and everything a user can interact with is touch-friendly. And the website is built to support app-like features, like install to homescreen and receive push notifications.

  • API included

    Of course your content is displayed on your website. In addition your content is directly available via both a RESTful and a GraphQL API. This means you can connect and build other websites and apps or anything you want with everything you’ve already entered into the CMS.

  • Latest technology

    The Lean Web Kit uses the latest technology. Your site is also a Progressive Web App. It’s built with the popular Vue and Nuxt frameworks. You manage your content from Dato CMS, an easy-to-use and flexible cloud based CMS. Your site is hosted on Netlify and leverages its CDN, form handling and cloud functions. Everything you need to kick-start a futuristic website.