Add a page

Add content to the Lean Web Kit can be accomplished with a page. There are a few type of pages available:

  • Home
    This is the homepage.

  • Content Pages
    This is a regular content page such as /en/guides/.

  • 404 Page
    If a page is not available or does not exist, the 404 page is shown.

To add a page, go to the CMS > Pages > Content pages and add a new page.

Multiple languages

The default language is English. If more than 1 language is configured (see configure available languages) a plus sign appears to add another language.

Title and slug

Adding a page title is required.

Title and generated slug

Below the title is the slug which is automatically generated from the title.

A slug is a part of a URL that identifies a particular page. If the URL is then the slug is always-secure.

The slug can be changed, but it's usually recommended to keep the slug the same as the title of the page.

Search Engine Optimization

Adding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings is required:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Sharing image
Search Engine Optimization settings

The title and description are shown in search engine results such as Google 

Search engine result with title and description

If a sharing image is also added, then the title, description and sharing image will be shown if you post this url to social media, like Slack, Facebook, Twitter.

Cover image

The cover image will display full width behind the site title.

Pages options

For each page you can set the following options:

  • Hotjar tracking
  • Social share
  • Table of Contents
Page options in the CMS

For Hotjar tracking, see the page Configure Hotjar.
For Social share, see the page Share anywhere.

Table of Contents shows a list of page sections added to the page:

Page with Table of Contents on the left

Page sections

Page sections can be added under Sections.

You can think of a Page section as a block of content.
A new Page section can be added by clicking on Add new.

Content can be added to a page by clicking on Add new content block. This shows a list of building blocks to build pages:

You can view each of the building blocks (components) in Storybook. This is a guide with an overview of all the building blocks, which describes features and shows examples.

Multiple content blocks can be added in a single Page section. Each content block can be reordered by selecting move up or move down.

Multiple content blocks in a Page section

The order of the Page sections can be changed by dragging and dropping it to another position.