Crisp chat explained

The Lean Web Kit has Crisp chat support built-in. Crisp provides chat functionality to talk to your customers real-time.

Create a free account

Create a free account at Log in and click on Install the chatbox on your website.

Select HTML to show the Crisp Code.

Crisp shows the tracking code you can use on your site to start using Crisp. In the Lean Web Kit the Crisp Website ID is all you need.

Copy the Site ID (in the image it's 0364796f-7e3d-4598-90a6-def93cf09526) and paste it in the CMS under App > Crisp Website ID and click on Save.

Accept terms and conditions

If the Crisp Website ID has been filled in, a chat button will appear at the right bottom of the page.

Clicking on the chat button will display an opt-in to agree with the terms and conditions.

Opt-in message for terms and conditions

When Agree is clicked, the chat screen will show and the site user can start chatting.

Receive notifications of site chat messages

When site visitors enter chat messages, you can receive notifications in different ways:

  • Receive chat messages via email
  • Get a notification of each chat message in your browser
  • View chats real-time when you're logged in at
Received chat messages in

A range of different notifications can be configured in Crisp: