Formspree explained

Currently all email forms are handled with Formspree.
Formspree is free for 50 submissions per form each month.

Setup Formspree in the CMS

To setup Formspree for your site, fill in your email address under CMS > App and click on Save:
example Email address entered into the CMS
Formspree will use this email address to send all the form submissions.

Submit the form and confirm your email address

Before a submission can be send to your email address, it first has to be confirmed. This is to prevent spam. This confirmation needs to be done for each form that uses Formspree.

When you submit the form, Formspree will send a link to your email.

Click on the link to confirm your email address.

From now on, each form submission doesn't require confirmation and are directly send to the email configured in the CMS.


When someone submits the form, a captcha will sometimes be displayed to prevent spam from bots.