Hotjar explained

The Lean Web Kit has Hotjar support built-in. Hotjar provides heatmaps and recordings of how your users interact with your site. Here’s an example of a recording of us testing our chat feature on different viewports:

Manage up to 300 recordings and 3 heatmaps, funnels, forms, polls and surveys.

To use Hotjar you will first need to create a free account.

Create a free account

Create a free account at Hotjar and log in. Hotjar shows that Tracking is currently inactive.

Hotjar shows the tracking code you can use on your site to start using Hotjar. In the Lean Web Kit the Site ID is all you need.

Hotjar shows tracking code on first login

Type the Site ID (in the image it's 1006809), in the CMS under App > Hotjar ID and click on Save.

Enabling Hotjar

On each page Hotjar can be enabled by clicking on a toggl button.

Enable Hotjar tracking per page in CMS

Accept terms and conditions

If a page is loaded with Hotjar enabled, an opt-in will appear.

Opt-in message for terms and conditions

When Agree is clicked, the Hotjar script will be loaded, if it's enabled for the current page.

Go back to and log in. It should now show that tracking is active.