Understanding your users

To optimise your site for your users, you first need to understand them. This is especially true for start-ups that want to learn and adapt quickly. The Lean Web Kit comes with advanced tracking built-in. We use Google Analytics and Hotjar to give you insights into your users’ behaviour. Google Analytics in turned on by default and configured to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and European “Cookie law” compliant out-of-the-box. You can enable Hotjar via the CMS and it will trigger an opt-in prompt for visitors on your site.

To leverage these features, you’ll just need to configure them once:

Overall statistics

Aggregated analytics give you a lot of information on your audience, their acquisition and behaviour. You can explore these statistics via your Google Analytics dashboard connected to your site:

Example of Analytics dashboard with audience, demographics and device charts

If you want to learn more about these features, the Google Analytics Academy is a good place to start.

Track specific events

Google Analytics automatically provides the overall statistics. In addition we configured the Lean Web Kit to track specific events, like users following outbound links, users playing videos on your site, users interacting with chat and the share widget. These custom events give you a fine-grained understanding of how your users interact with your site. Here’s an example of how users follow links to Litterati, a key objective, on the #PickUp10.org site:

Example of Events Explorer on Google Analytics

You can set and measure your own goals using these events. Goals are project specific. So we leave them up to you to define them.

Heatmaps and recordings

Google Analytics provides insights by numbers. Hotjar on the other hand provides heatmaps and recordings of how your users interact with your site. So the two make for an excellent combination. Here’s an example of a recording of us testing our chat feature on different viewports:

Enabling Hotjar

Hotjar recordings are more invasive than the numbers Google Analytics provide. For that reason you need to enable Hotjar explicitly through the CMS. You can enable Hotjar on a per page basis:

Enable Hotjar tracking per page in CMS

When Hotjar is enabled your site visitors will be prompted with an opt-in which they need to accept before the recording is started. The prompt is only displayed when a visitor has not yet opted-in.